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This blog is just for me to reblog and ramble about Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra without it taking over my main blog (thatsocialjusticebitch).
I'll give you a warning now. THERE'S A LOT OF AZULA APPRECIATION ON HERE. And undying love/lust/adoration/appreciation for basically everyone for varying reasons. You will also find slash and femslash, as well as constant rambling about the sex lives of team avatar. I'm not apologizing for it.




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am i alive right now?

no because i am dead from the adjahlddfkahsdkbfidub


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    she better be badass!
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    sweeeeeet. I hated how her role ended in the series. but if she suddenly turns good, i swear to god i will throw things....
  5. fire-lord-azula answered: I’m just hoping there’s no redemption; that she comes back in all her glory to take back the throne stolen from her.
  6. fleurdelanuit answered: If this info is correct, I’m thrilled. I want to see her in the comics so badly and I really want to know what happened to her after the war.
  7. biia-zinha answered: hellow bia
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  9. brandysmellslikechocolate answered: this is GREAT! THE BEST! AWEEEEEEEE!!!!
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    Called it!
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    am i alive right now? no because i am dead from the adjahlddfkahsdkbfidub
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  15. lucidxinsane answered: She was put in a mental aslylum so yeah, maybe she busts out or something….
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  18. ravengoodwoman answered: WICKED!
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  20. owldee said: Wow, I feel out of the Avatar news loop. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t even been on the ASN forums in…a couple months or something?-.- Anyway, pretty cool news - I think they could do some interesting things with this. (Ursa? *hint, hint*) ;)
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  22. estcequetuaimeslesexe answered: ALSDJFLKAJSEMW90BTNUWVIJOTCLMKSGJKAKDFSJS
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    Ahh!! o v o this is so exciting to speculate ~ I knew that Azula didn’t lose her powers; I was thinking of a mental...
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